BPS Geodatabase Update

BPS is always working to enhance its database. We are currently focused on optimizing the filter queries for geochemical data assessment, along with inserting new functionalities for production forecasting of Brazilian fields using ARPS decline curve analysis, reservoir characterization and formation pressure analysis. Following suggestions from our subscribers, we have implemented the following solutions for the effective use of geochemical, geological and petroleum systems data:

• DCA: Decline curve analysis and production forecasts for Brazilian fields, with complete data based on records dating back to 1947.
• Petrophysics Log: Implementation of reservoir characterization through the use of petrophysical tools to determine NR, NP, porosity, permeability and saturation intervals of selected wells.
• Formation Pressure Analysis: Complete turn-key solutions to generate pressure gradients for key wells and an inventory of pressure and temperature data.
• Geopressure Screening: Under implementation, with the expectation for pore pressure and relevant geopressure analysis for well stability.

If you have any additional suggestions for our Geodatabase, please contact rep.tec@brazilpetrostudies.com.br

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