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BPS and its partners BTI (US) and Gems (CO) submitted eight abstracts for the Theme 3 session on Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Petroleum Systems of ACE 2020 in Houston on June 7-10. More than 200 abstracts covering all aspects of the elements and processes that make up the Petroleum System Approach were submitted. BPS President Marcio Mello is the chair of the Theme 3 committee, along with co-chairs Mike Moldowan (BTI), T. Larson (BEG) and Swapan Sahoo (Equinor). Check out the submissions by BPS and its partners below.

  • The Lower Cretaceous Lacustrine Pre-Salt Petroleum System of Santos Basin, Southeastern Brazil: The Largest Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Province in the World
    •  Authors: M. R. Mello, W. Peres, S. Rostirolla, J. E. Dahl, J. M. Moldowan
  • Sergipe-Alagoas Basin: A Potential Supergiant Deep Water Province in Northeastern Brazil
    • Authors: M. R. Mello, S. Rostirolla, W. Peres, V. Elias, T. Nascimento, J. E. Dahl, J. M. Moldowan, O. Pedrosa
  • 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Pernambuco-ParaĆ­ba Basin, Brazil
    • Authors: H.A. Kemma, M. R. Mello, T. Nascimento, V. Elias
  • Resource Assessment and Hydrocarbon Exploration Risk of Deep- and Ultra-Deep Waters in Sergipe-Alagoas Basin
    • Authors: S. P. Rostirolla, M. R. Mello, T. Nascimento, W. Peres, H. A. W. Kemna, J. E. Dahl
  • Seismic Stratigraphy and Exploration Risk Assessment of Deep- and Ultra-Deep Waters in Pernambuco-Paraiba Basin, Brazil
    • Authors: T. C. Nascimento, S. P. Rostirolla, M. R. Mello, H. A. W. Kemna, W. Peres, V. Elias, C. H. Beisl
  • Hopane Isotope Ratios Are Critical to Distinguish Five Oil Types and Their Mixtures in the Sergipe and Potiguar Basins, Brazil
    • J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, M. R. Mello
  • De-convoluting Oil Types from the Greater Santos Basin Using Advanced Geochemical Technologies: CSIA-B and QEDA
    • J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, M. R. Mello
  • Undiscovered Hydrocarbon Resources Potential for the northern of the Offshore Guajira Basin, Colombia; A Dormant Giant Hydrocarbon Province

P. Parra, M. Rocha Mello, D. Torres, V. O. Ramirez

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