Month: June 2020

Maturity in your exploration decisions

BPS has a long track record in the integration of all available data via a holistic petroleum system-related approach. In fact, this is something we pride ourselves on, constantly striving to provide our clients with the most complete picture of Brazilian petroleum systems on the market.  After years of building

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Pre-salt already accounts for almost 70% of national production

Last week, ANP published its Monthly Bulletin of Oil and Natural Gas Production for April. During the month, production in the pre-salt reached 2.597 MMboe/d, corresponding to 69.5% of the national total. Pre-salt production included 2.057 MMbbl/d of oil and 86 MMm3/d of natural gas across 113 wells, representing an

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Making Your Exploration Decisions Easier

An important quality control step for petroleum system evaluation is to compare the fetch areas with the general framework of sedimentary basins. This is commonly achieved by creating a numerical model that simulates nature through reality checks of each petroleum system element and process. The input elements must be supported

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Chrono-Litho: A key step in any petroleum system study

Despite not being based on the most high-tech analytical data, our chrono-lithostratigraphic dataset is still a very powerful tool to guide petroleum system studies, especially for understanding the organization of the stratigraphic frameworks and characterizing the spatial and temporal distribution of the source-rock and reservoir sequences of the Brazilian sedimentary

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A Petroleum Scientist’s Best Friend Vol. III: QEDA

Continuing the saga of utilizing Advanced Geochemistry Technology (AGT) to piece together the puzzle of oil mixture composition and confirm the origin of the deep hydrocarbon charges in the oil mixtures of the Santos and Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, this week we are taking a deeper look at Quantitative Extended Diamondoid Analysis (QEDA), Biomarker

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Revisiting the eastern area of the pre-salt

We are excited to announce our new study using a petroleum system-based assessment methodology to revisit the eastern area of the pre-salt province due to its potential for undiscovered oil resources and probable high demand in the next ANP bidding rounds. We are confident that the industry will recover fast and

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