Namibia Geodatabase: the most comprehensive E&P database for the Namibian offshore

In a game-changing development for the global oil and gas industry, the once-overlooked Namibian offshore region is now at the forefront of attention, thanks to recent monumental discoveries in the deep and ultra-deep waters of the Orange Basin. The confirmation of overcharged active petroleum systems has spurred unprecedented interest in the area.

Stepping into this new frontier is renowned Ph.D. geologist and visionary businessman Marcio Rocha Mello, CEO of Brazil Petrostudies. With a wealth of experience leading high-quality oil and gas exploration studies across Latin America and West Africa, Dr. Mello unveils an unparalleled resource for industry professionals—the Namibia Geodatabase.

The Namibia Geodatabase is cutting-edge, cloud-based software designed to facilitate easy access to comprehensive data on Namibia’s offshore basins. With just a click of a mouse, users gain access to a treasure trove of over 1,000 pieces of information, including Namibia’s Sedimentary Basins, Fields, Exploration Blocks, Operators reports, Seismic Lines, Petroleum Systems, Oil and Rock Geochemistry, Composite Logs, Bio/Chrono Stratigraphy, Oil Slicks, and Public Offshore and Onshore Wells. Also, BPS software and proprietary data and knowledge allow the full interpretation and mapping of seismic data and their integration with gravimetric–magnetometric and petroleum system elements and processes studies, allowing, using a seismic imaging software, the user to visualize all the seismic 2D- and 3D-lines available (SEG Y mode) and correlate them to all geological and geochemical data present in the Namibia Geodatabase.

Screenshot of the satellite map view of Namibia Geodatabase with Namibia’s Wells, Fields, and Oil Geochemistry layers active.

On the left, an example of one of many plots of Quantitative Diamondoids, and on the right, a plot of Compound Specific Isotope of Biomarkers of oils and oil extracts taken from nearshore and deepwater wells from Namibia.

The BPS proprietary Composite Petroleum System Log brings together all well information, involving not only data but also interpretation of all the elements and processes of the petroleum system approach.

Dr. Mello’s intimate familiarity with the region is evident through his prior successes. The company he founded (HRT, now PRIO) was the first to find liquid hydrocarbons in Namibia Offshore with the Wingat-1 and Murombe-1 wells in the Walvis Basin.

“During the period in which I served as Chairman & CEO of HRT Petroleum, we led the pioneering drilling of the first three wells in deep waters in the Walvis and Orange Basins, Namibia. More importantly, it was the historic oil discoveries in 2013, through the Wingat-1 and Murombe-1 wells in the Walvis Basin, that shattered the gas paradigm that existed for over 40 years, paving the way for recent gigantic discoveries. This historical connection that I have with Namibia strengthened my commitment to contribute to the responsible development of this resource that can bring about positive socio-economic impacts for the people of Namibia, providing job opportunities, infrastructure development, and potentially boosting the nation’s overall prosperity. The historical and geological ties that connect Brazil and West African countries, such as Angola, Namibia, and South Africa, for example, are undeniable. In addition to sharing the same petroleum systems, Namibia’s untapped oil potential represents a lucrative opportunity for investors willing to explore new frontiers. With promising geological formations and a stable political environment, the country holds the promise of significant returns for those bold enough to seize the opportunity.”, says Dr. Mello.

The Namibia BPS Geodatabase is the most comprehensive E&P database for the Namibian offshore, encompassing the Namibe, Walvis Bay, Lüderitz, and Orange basins. From satellite oil slick imagery to nanotechnology molecular data, the geodatabase covers every facet of the petroleum system approach.

Key Features:

Accessibility: The cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating geographical constraints and ensuring data availability to users globally.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitive navigation, the platform ensures users of all levels can effortlessly explore and utilize the data without the need for extensive training.

Comprehensive Data: With over 1,000 pieces of information, the database offers an extensive collection of data covering various aspects of Namibia’s offshore basins, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of the region’s geological features and resources. This includes Namibia Wells, Sedimentary Basins, Fields, Exploration Blocks, Operators reports, Seismic Lines, Petroleum Systems, Oil and Rock Geochemistry, Composite Logs, Bio/Chrono Stratigraphy, Oil Slicks, and Public Offshore and Onshore Wells.

Collaborative Capabilities: The platform fosters collaboration by enabling multiple users to access and analyze the data simultaneously, facilitating interdisciplinary research and decision-making processes.

Advanced Visualization Tools: Utilizing state-of-the-art seismic visualization powered by GeoToolkit, users can explore both 2D- and 3D-seismic lines, enhancing correlations with geological and geochemical data.

Comprehensive Mapping: Our versatile mapping tool incorporates geological, geophysical, and satellite imagery, providing invaluable insights for exploration initiatives.

In summary, the user can access all the data the company needs to make a quicker and smarter exploration decision in offshore Namibia basins in just a few easy steps and a click of the mouse!

Beyond data, the Namibia BPS Geodatabase offers expert analysis interpreted by Brazil Petro Studies experienced technical team. No other geodatabase on the market offers as much in-depth analyses to facilitate informed E&P decisions.

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