Director, North America (West Coast)

Mike Moldowan, Ph.D.

Professor Mike Moldowan obtained a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1972 from The University of Michigan. He was an early member and eventual leader (1974-1993) of the Chevron biomarker team, which conducted major pioneering efforts to establish the application of biological marker technology in petroleum exploration. Dr. Moldowan joined the Department of Geological Sciences at Stanford University as a professor (Research) in 1993, where he conducted research and taught courses on molecular geochemistry related to petroleum exploration and production, while also advising numerous graduate students on their PhD  research. In 2012 he founded Biomarker Technologies Inc., which offers unique applications of advanced geochemical technologies to the industry. He has served as chair of the Division of Geochemistry of the American Chemical Society, twice receiving  the “Best Paper” award from the Organic Geochemical Division of the Geochemical Society for publications in organic geochemistry. In all, he has published more than 100 articles on geochemistry, including two editions of “The Biomarker Guide” in 1993 and 2005. In 2011, Professor Moldowan received the Treib’s Medal, considered the ultimate career award for organic geochemistry.

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