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Message from BPS President

It seems like the perfect storm. We all know the challenges that have hit the world and our industry so dramatically over recent months. And the impacts are greater than anyone could have imagined, probably generating lasting effects for months, or even years to come. But right now, the important

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6th Pre-Salt Bidding Round Results

As for the 6th Bidding Round on Thursday, it covered five “high potential” exploratory blocks in the pre-salt polygon and was billed as the last auction in a cycle of lower risk blocks with high signing bonuses. As such, many of the issues from the TOR auction likely remained on

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The Song Remains the Same

After the undeniably disappointing results in yesterday’s TOR auction, the song remained the same today in Brazil’s 6th pre-salt production sharing round, showing that global oil majors are hesitant with structure offered up by the Brazilian government. Even with more rational pricing and clearer terms, competition over the pre-salt exploration

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Transfer of Rights mega-auction not so mega

After months – maybe even years – of hype, Brazil’s Transfer of Rights finally hit the auction block this morning, with only two of the four development blocks on offer being scooped up and the Brazilian government bringing in only R$68.37 billion or approximately US$16.77 billion in signing bonuses (fixed).

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