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The clock is ticking… on the Permament Offer

The 2nd cycle of ANP‘s Permanent Offer is just around the corner. On December 4, as many as 62 companies of all profiles are signed up to bid (full list). Despite the adverse scenario from covid-19 and the oil price shock earlier this year, there are many players that see

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Turning data into information to build knowledge

BPS is a knowledge-driven company, with the application of advanced geochemistry technology being pivotal to our value proposition. With this in mind, turning reliable data and information into knowledge is always our main objective (data creates information which creates knowledge). An example of this knowledge is our petroleum systems modeling

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Our take on Naru

As you may have heard, Petrobras recently completed the drilling of the Naru well (1-BRSA-1376D-RJS) in block C-M-657 of the ultra-deep waters of the Campos Basin, announcing indications of hydrocarbons earlier this week. This is certainly positive news, as the findings prove that hydrocarbons reached the area and a reservoir

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Architecture makes raw data extraction a breeze

In software engineering, we are constantly seeking new development technologies and methodologies that can reduce software complexity, improve comprehensibility, promote reuse, and facilitate evolution of the software across its lifecycle. One of the many design principles used to accomplish this is separation of concern, which involves dividing the application in

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Importance of geology in evaluating mature fields

Since we first made note of it in Round 9 of our Weekly BPS newsletter in December of last year, Petrobras has gradually announced what is now Brazil’s largest divestment program of hydrocarbon exploration and production assets since 2015. The divestments are spread across several basins, including Potiguar, Espírito Santo,

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Basin Modeling as a Fundamental Tool at BPS

In order for our clients to gain a better understanding of the geology and petroleum systems around Brazilian, we are preparing extensive regional evaluation reports for inclusion in the BPS Geodatabase. Many of the reports have already been uploaded as petroleum systems charts that provide a full summary of the geological history, as well

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BPS Geodatabase Update

As part of our continuous efforts to improve the BPS Geodatabase and provide our subscribers with a dynamic knowledge-based exploration tool, 10 new wells with in-depth oil geochemistry analysis are slated for inclusion this week. The results are currently passing through quality-control checks and interpretation before being uploaded and published under the Change Log.

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Recent wells drilled in the Brazilian pre-salt

Over the last 15 months, 75 wells have been drilled in the Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo basins, including 13 exploration wells. The drilling of new exploration wells can be seen as the rebirth of exploration in the pre-salt province. During the downturn in the oil industry in 2014-2018, only

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Using GOR and CO2 analyzes to support hard exploration

We are excited to announce we have now integrated GOR and CO2 maps into the platform, fluid properties that are essential to understanding exploration potential in offshore Brazil. When integrated with our massive geochemical and reservoir datasets, they become a key tool in validating petroleum system evaluations and O&G expectations, especially in the areas

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