Espírito Santo

The Espírito Santo Basin reveals a very similar geological history to the Campos and Santos basins, to the extent that these three basins behaved practically as one major province (“The Greater Campos Basin”). As part of the province, it has the same good quality source rocks in the basin, lacustrine (Upper Barremian) and marine (Albian-Cenomanian and Tertiary), which serves to broaden the oil generation window and the possible time range to allow charge into multiple reservoirs. However, it has distinct large-scale geological features as the delta system related to the Rio Doce River, the Abrolhos igneous rocks and the large differential subsidence formed by the withdrawal of salt. The most important reservoirs of this system are the Upper Cretaceous sandstones turbidites, ranging in age from Albian to Maastrichtian. They are well sorted and present good porosity and permeability values.

Currently there are 43 production fields in the basin, providing an average production rate of 38 Mbbl/day of oil and ~5.0 MMm³/day of gas, which makes the 5th largest Brazilian oil producer. The burial and thermal history experienced by the source and reservoir rocks created accumulations with different hydrocarbon types, mixtures and preservation.

The studies represent a good integrated set of data that provide valuable insights into the plays of the Espirito Santo Basin.

3D Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Risk Assessment of the Plays, Leads and Prospects of the Rift and Drift Sections of the Shallow Water Gas Province in the Central Espírito Santo Basin

This report is a well documented study focusing mainly on the gas producing area in the northern Espírito Santo Basin. It aims to evaluate the petroleum plays based on the geological, seismic and geochemical concepts available at the time of …

3D Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Risk Assessment of the Plays, Leads and Prospects of the Rift and Drift Sections of Central and Southern Espírito Santo Basin

This report presents the petroleum system analysis and 3D basin modeling integration of the Southern Espírito Santo area, which will allow better knowledge of associated petroleum exploration risks in this complex offshore Southeastern Brazilian Margin area. It provides to all …

The Petroleum Habitat of the Espírito Santo Basin based on detailed Geological, Geochemical and 2D Petroleum System Modeling

This multiclient study examines geological data and high-resolution geochemical parameters of three petroleum systems found in the Espírito Santo Basin: the pre salt Neocomian/Barremian lacustrine system, the post salt Albian/Turonian marine anoxic system and the Tertiary marine deltaic system that …

Hydrocarbon Potential assessment of the deep and ultra deep water of the Espírito Santo Basin based on Oil Slicks detected by RadarSAT satellite images

The use of satellite radarsat-1 images to detect and characterize areas with oil seeps is a strategic technology for exploration in frontier areas were geophysical and geological data are scarce. This project makes use of an efficient digital treatment of …

Temperature of Petroleum Formation from Kinetic Properties of Oils from Espírito Santo Basins, Brazil

Kinetic parameters based on the asphaltene fractions in oils provide hydrocarbon generation potential of specific organic matter type. These are essential data that allow the calculation of cracking energies values to enhance basin model predictability. Representative oil samples were selected …

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