Putting the Environment First

In today’s scenario of environmental activism, it has become more important than ever to operate in harmony with the environment and society. This is especially true in Brazil. Contrary to what some might think, Brazil has stringent and prescriptive regulation for sectors with the potential to generate adverse impacts on the environment. Brazilian environmental law provides for administrative, criminal and civil processes that can lead to criminal prosecution, with offenders potentially facing severe fines or even jail time. As such, operating in compliance with Brazil’s extensive, and often times confusing, environmental regulations is of utmost importance to the sustainability of E&P operations in the country. 
With this in mind, BPS has put together a team of leading environmental specialists with extensive experience in Brazil’s E&P industry, offering onshore and offshore oil spill and environmental services regarding soil, water and sea floor monitoring of the highest quality and efficiency.

In partnership with outstanding environmental laboratories and companies, our team of specialists offers a full package of environmental services that covers: the environmental permitting process, satellite remote sensing, field data collection, environmental data interpretation, environmental baseline and monitoring and environmental auditing.

More often than not, environmental regulatory permitting is among the top rated non-technical risks to E&P projects. That said, our long-standing relationship with federal and state environmental agencies can help anticipate key issues in the environmental permitting process in order to minimize lead time and move on to field work as quickly as possible.
BPS’s environmental database covers the vast majority of the Brazilian offshore and onshore basins, including the most up-to-date chemical, geochemical, biological and geophysical data, with air, water, residue and oil analyses performed by both Eurofins (Brazil) and Biomarker Technology (US). 
To learn more about our environmental services, please contact rep.tec@brazilpetrostudies.com.br.

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