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BPS and its partners have put together a team of environmental, health, safety and social performance specialists that have more than 25 year of experience with EHSS licensing and management of onshore and offshore Oil and Gas projects. Our vast experience covers E&P projects, pipelines, port facilities, LNG facilities, logistics infrastructure (such as operational bases, water transportation devices, air transportation facilities and equipment) in South America (Brazil, Argentina and, Colombia), North America (Mexico and US) and Africa (Namibia, Ghana, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Cameroon and Chad). 

We are the foremost experts in the construction and management of highly qualified EHHS consultant teams around the planet for the performance of scientific and technological studies and services for the O&G industry. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services at the most reasonable price in accordance with best practices and the established deadlines. 

Our expressive experience with successful projects in the above mentioned regions has granted us in-depth local knowledge as well as engagement with the most valuable stakeholders, utilizing the highest international scientific and technological standards accepted by international financial institutions (IFC and World Bank) and key players of the Oil and Gas sector. 

From the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to the Namibian Deserts, including deep-water exploratory assets in the Brazilian offshore Pre-salt, we proudly offer the following products and services covering all stages of E&P projects: 

Pre-Exploration Phase 

  •        Complete baseline laboratory analysis and imagery analysis of the seabed, riverbed or soil, utilizing the latest SPI technology and services from our partner Inspire, in order to better determine the overall environmental conditions of a specific site prior to any desired activity.
  •         Plan/design strategy for environmental licensing/permits.
  •         Risk analysis of the environmental permitting process and related mitigation process.
  •         Initial stakeholder engagement plans.
  •         Construct team and complete initial stages of team management for the further environmental permitting/licensing phases of the project.

 Seismic Campaigns 

  •         Provision of environmental consulting services for all studies, permits and environmental programs required by law/regulation, including the implementation of stakeholder plans for this phase.

Exploration/Development/Production Phases 

  •        Environmental licensing/permitting processes, including: (i) the provision of services for the elaboration and negotiation of environmental terms of reference; (ii) the carrying out of environmental impact studies and assessments (including field data collection and analysis, interpretation of environmental data, analysis of applicable laws and regulations, studies and reports required by local legislation/regulation or financial institution standards); (iii) design of environmental programs; (iv) provision of services for the conduction of public hearings and meetings with stakeholders and governmental/administrative authorities, including negotiations for the final deliberation of conditions precedent to the issuing of environmental licenses or permits, mitigative and compensatory measures; and (v) the implementation of stakeholder management plans. 
  •       Design and implementation of: (i) environmental management plans; (ii) waste management plans; (iii) emergency response plans; (iv) environmental surveying and monitoring plans; (v) environmental mitigation or compensatory measures; and (vi) environmental training and awareness campaigns. 
  •        Design and implementation, including training and enforcement, of environmental, health and safety policies, plans and activities. 
  •       Design and implementation of environmental audits and due diligence checklists and reports. 

Plug/Abandonment/Relinquishment Phase 

  •         Provision of environmental plans and reports.
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