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BPS offers the best E&P consulting and laboratory services in geology, geophysics, reservoir production and organic/inorganic geochemistry together with unique expertise in analytical interpretation. Together with our partners at Eurofins (Brazil), Biomarker Technology (USA) and Gems (Colombia), we offer analysis of source rocks, soil and minerals, water, gas, oil, residues and fuels, as well as proprietary Advanced Geochemistry Technology (AGT) analysis of oil, gas and condensates.

Our policy

Our policy is: best quality, best delivery time, best price and total logistical support in the collection of samples and delivery of results.

Geochemical Laboratory

BPS has forged partnerships with Eurofins (Brazil), Biomarker Technology (USA) and Gems (Colombia), considered some of the most advanced petroleum and environmental laboratories in the world. 

 Most of the analytical organic geochemistry techniques and interpretations used by other laboratories were actually invented and developed by our group (Dr. Mike Moldowan (Biomarker Technologies), Dr. Marcio Mello and Dr. Jeremy Dahl), and nobody in the world has more experience and expertise in applying geochemical data to Brazilian basins.

Together with our partners, we can provide classical molecular and bulk geochemical analyses as well as proprietary Advanced Geochemical Technologies (AGTs) that we have developed and applied to provide more detailed insights into petroleum systems, going far beyond the capabilities of traditional molecular geochemical analysis.

Our team has developed new proprietary AGT technology that shows that petroleum systems are much more complex than previously thought, revealing hidden complexities of petroleum systems not seen using conventional techniques.

Examples of Advanced Geochemistry Technology (AGT)

Quantitative Diamondoid Analysis (QDA)  Most oils in the Brazilian Margin are a mix of shallow and deeper sources, with three to four source rock systems sometimes contributing to the same accumulation. They are more complex than revealed by conventional techniques that only identify the shallow source. In contrast, diamondoids (QDA) reveal and identify the previously hidden deep source. In summary, AGT allows our group to move beyond the “old way” of looking at a basin to a “new way” in order to create new plays and prospects (see figure below).

Quantitative Extended Diamondoid Analysis (QEDA)

The deep and highly mature source is revealed based on large diamondoid distributions. The Extended Diamondoid Source Correlation (QEDA) method very clearly identifies all oil sources in the Brazil margin (see figure below).


Compound Specific Isotope Analysis of Biomarkers (CSIA-B)

 CSIA-B is the only exiting method that can determine complex oil mixes as well as the deposition environment and age of the source rock. It can identify Turonian and Albian marine oil sources and distinguish them from lacustrine fresh to brackish from lacustrine saline-hypersaline depositional environment. This is the only method available and nobody else has the ability to perform it (see figure below).


In summary, AGT allows our group to move beyond the “old way” of looking at a basin to a “new way” in order to create new plays and prospects (see figure below).


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