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Petroleum System Modeling

3D Petroleum System Modeling is a core technology for hydrocarbon exploration and risk assessment. All geological, geophysical and geochemical data is integrated in a 3D petroleum systems simulation that generates critical parameters to assess the exploratory risk of leads and prospects mapped in the study areas.

E&P Consulting And Laboratory Services

In partnership with Eurofins (Brazil), Biomarker Technologies (US) and Gems (Colombia), we have developed a unique and intrinsic methodology based on high resolution systems, allowing chemical, physical and biological analyses to be fully integrated with geological, geophysical and geochemical data.

Oil & Gas Geochemistry

O&G geochemistry is the most crucial technology to disentangle the complex elements and processes of the petroleum system concept. The identification, distribution and evaluation of petroleum occurrence cannot be predicted or explained without understanding the intrinsic relationship between source rock, fluids, reservoirs, traps and generation, migration and accumulation systems.

Petroleum Geology

BPS has over 250 years of collective experience in all segments of petroleum and environmental geology, as well as extensive working knowledge in O&G exploration across South America, Africa and the Americas.

Oil Seep/Slick Identification and Characterization

The presence of natural oil seeps and slicks in the deep and ultra-deep waters of offshore sedimentary basins provides important evidence of the existence of active source rock systems, without which oil accumulation cannot take place. Together with our partners at GeoSpatial, we have cutting-edge technologies to perform proprietary and multi-client surveys anywhere in the world.

Piston Core Oil Seep Identification & Characterization

Analysis of oil seep samples recovered using Piston Core technology provides clues regarding hydrocarbon origin and type, as well as the thermal evolution of the putative source rocks.


BPS offers the most comprehensive range of high-resolution services and expertise in the area of biostratigraphy. Services include analysis of Nanofossils, Foramifera and Ostracodas.


Environmental services are key to O&G exploration in Latin America. From oil slick/contamination detection and remediation for offshore and onshore installations, to oil, fuel, soil, residue and air preservation, we offer services that bring new cost-effective and time-saving approaches to exploration in Latin America.

Regulatory & Legal Services

Under the leadership of Dr. Oswaldo Pedrosa and PPF Advogados, we offer a full range of regulatory and legal services to ensure the smooth implementation of all types of E&P initiatives.

Courses & Workshops

In conjunction with Biomarker Technologies and UCON 4D, we offer a series of courses and workshops covering all aspects of O&G geochemistry, basin analysis, 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling and exploration risk assessment. Our courses cover all the major sedimentary basins in Latin America, including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

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