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Petroleum Geology

Petroleum geology encompasses a wide range of geological and geophysical techniques used in petroleum exploration and production. At BPS, the applications of petroleum geology include the mapping of the stratigraphic and structural framework and the play elements of sedimentary basins, with emphasis on the prediction of the presence of source rock, reservoirs, traps and seals, as well as their characterization. These elements together with conventional and advanced geochemical techniques are used to support 2D and/or 3D petroleum systems modeling, which is the main tool to determine the hydrocarbon volumes to be found or produced from a particular sedimentary basin and to run detailed risk analyses of the identified prospect.

BPS combines the most relevant petroleum geology services on the market with its outstanding geodatabase of Brazilian sedimentary basins. The petroleum system elements and processes are interpreted—combining geological, geochemical and geophysical fields and integrating seismic and well data and advanced analytical techniques for rocks and fluids—to provide the basis for Petroleum Systems Quantitative Modeling, which ultimately provides practical geoscience solutions for the E&P industry. Our services are designed to aggregate value to our clients by indicating the petroleum potential throughout the Brazilian basins, including de-risking (and eventually risking) according to the play elements, process and prospects via:

  1. Conventional and advanced geochemical techniques.
  2. Mapping of the subsurface geologic environment: rocks, geothermal gradient and pressure conditions, as well as their evolution.
  3. Mapping of reservoirs, seals, source rocks, traps and charge pathways.
  4. Using exploration methods to predict the occurrence and distribution of hydrocarbons.
  5. Using development and production methods to enhance the deliverability of Brazilian basins.
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