ANP to prioritize analysis of environmental R&D&I projects

Due to the oil spill that hit the Brazilian coast, mainly affecting the Northeast region, and in order to contribute to the training and preparation of companies and research institutions for emergency situations, ANP is encouraging the realization of R&D projects related to the following themes: 

  • Oil dispersion modeling in maritime environments
  • Monitoring of oil production, runoff and transportation infrastructures
  • Monitoring methodologies and prevention of hydrocarbon containment losses in offshore oil production units and subsea infrastructure
  • Blowout prevention
  • Well monitoring
  • Emergency Response, Infrastructure and ICS (Incident Command System)
  • Remote sensing and monitoring of incidents
  • Risk analysis methodologies applied to the oil and natural gas industry

The projects related to these themes will be prioritized by ANP. Institutions or companies that are interested may submit projects, for which analysis will be “fast tracked” by the agency. 

The promotion of such projects is a result of ANP’s participation in the Monitoring and Evaluation Group (GAA), which also includes environmental agency Ibama and the Brazilian Navy. Thus, the agency intends to support the process of absorbing lessons learned, improving the response structure and assisting in the assessment of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the oil spill that hit the Brazilian coast. 

In addition to prioritizing the analysis of the strategic themes listed above, ANP will also support projects that meet the conditions of its R&D regulations that are developed by the working groups set up by the GAA Scientific Coordination, composed of more than 100 researchers and scientists from universities and national research institutes. 

Companies and institutions that want more information about the submission of projects can enter in contact by sending an email to

Source: ANP

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