Brazil sets new production record in 2019

Oil production in Brazil reached 1.018 billion barrels in 2019, an increase of 7.78% YoY. As for natural gas, total production came in at 44.724 billion cubic meters for the year, an increase of 9.46%.

Pre-salt production was 633.980 million barrels of oil and 25.906 billion cubic meters of natural gas, corresponding to increases of 21.56% and 23.27% YoY, respectively.

In December 2019, oil production came in at 3.106 million barrels per day, exceeding the record set in November by 0.52% and topping production in December 2018 by 15.44%. Natural gas production also surpassed the previous month’s record, registering an increase of 0.87% and reaching an average of 137.8 million cubic meters per day. In relation to December 2018, natural gas production jumped 21.19%.

Pre-salt production in December corresponded to 66.82% of national production, totaling 2.655 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, with 2.118 MMbbl/d of oil and 85.4 MMm³/d of natural gas. Total pre-salt production increased 2.58% MoM and 40.62% YoY. The Lula field, in the Santos Basin, was once again the largest producer of oil and natural gas, registering 1.074 MMbbl/d of oil and 45 MMm³/d of natural gas.For more information, check out ANP’s Dynamic Production Panel here.

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