3D Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Risk Assessment in Deep and Ultra Deep Waters of Ceará and Potiguar Basins

July 26, 2023
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Report summary

The Potiguar Basin is one of the most prolific Brazilian sedimentary basins. Located in the equatorial margin of Brazil, it comprises almost 94,043 km² along the offshore and onshore areas. The Ceará Basin lies on the offshore part of the Brazilian Equatorial Atlantic margin and spans over an area of 62,983 km2 between the Tutóia and Fortaleza highs. The application of high resolution geochemistry techniques on oil and rock samples enabled the differentiation and mapping of all oil families and their corresponding source rocks as well as the assessment of the definition of their geographical distribution. 3D petroleum system modelling, calibrated with geological and geochemical data, was performed at a regional scale. BPS built a regional model utilizing the of seismic lines available and it was built with structural maps that encompass the whole sedimentary section.

Table of contents

1. Regional Geology
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Tectonic and Stratigraphic Framework
1.3. Highlights of the Geological Characteristics and Events
2. Exploration History Offshore Ceará and Potiguar Basins – Efforts and Results
2.1. Potiguar Basin
2.2. Ceará Basin
3. Some Characteristics of the Petroleum Fields
4. Offshore Ceará-Mundaú Fields Historical Summary
5. Offshore Potiguar Fields Historical Summary
5.1. Pescada and/or Ubarana Fields
5.2. Summary of the Potiguar Basin offshore fields
6. Summary on the Current Production
7. Seismic Data
7.1. Seismic Interpretation and Geological Characteristics
8. Stratigraphic Sequence Characteristics
8.1. Rift Sequence
8.2. Post-Rift Sequence
9. Location of the Main Igneous Features in the Potiguar and Ceará Basins
10. Source Rocks And Oils From Offshore Ceará and Potiguar Basins
11.1. Offshore Potiguar Basin Source Rocks
11.2. Ceará Basin (Mundaú Sub-basin) Source Rocks
12.1. Offshore Potiguar Oil Systems
12.2. Ceará Basin Oil Systems

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