Equatorial Margin of Brazil: A Giant Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Frontier of Exploration in the South Atlantic Realm?  

January 27, 2024
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Report summary

This report is a presentation made by Marcio Rocha Mello, Ph.D., president of BPS where he delves into the paradigm in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin.  

Table of contents

The History of Petroleum Exploration of the Equatorial Margin of Brazil;

The new high resolution/ quality 2D seismic (TGS), AGT (BPS) oil data and 3D-2D petroleum system modeling that is changing the fate of the Brazilian Equatorial Margin;

What is True, What is not True in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin;

What is Doubtful and, What is Needed in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin;

Dismantling a paradigm: There are no giant oil accumulations present in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin (?)

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