Geochemical log and natural series

We are currently modifying the way we present the Rock Geochemical data in the Brazil Geodatabase. Today, there are more than 100,000 analyzed rock samples from 544 selected wells, with around 130 wells covering the Santos and Campos basins. The total organic carbon, rock-eval pyrolysis and vitrinite reflectance methods allow us to obtain total organic carbon (TOC), potential yield (S2), hydrogen index (HI), free hydrocarbon (S1) oxygen index (OI), (S3) and Tmax and Vitrinite Reflectance data. 

All the data is downloadable automatically using online SPI technology. Knowing that having an intelligent database is critical to making day-to-day decisions, we also developed a series of new plots and graphs that integrate and allow easy interpretation of all geochemical results with Gamma Ray, Crono and Lithostratigraphy and Geological data. As such, clients are able to have a full meaning of the geochemical rock data inside the petroleum system of each basin in a snigle glance.

The geochemical logs from the wells display the TOC and pyrolysis Rock-Eval pyrolysis data integrated with the log Gamma Ray data together with the crono and lithostratigraphy and geological information.
The natural series diagram of rock samples from selected wells can be chosen in a way that the TOC and pyrolysis Rock-Eval pyrolysis data can be displayed by age or formation system from the pre-salt or marine sections. In a matter of seconds, users can understand the source rock behavior of an entire basin (or part).

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