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Paraná Basin: Solving The Puzzles With Gas Geochemistry

Over the last 20 years, oil companies started to proclaim gas geochemistry technology in petroleum exploration as miraculous indicators of the presence of large hydrocarbon accumulations in deeper reservoir horizons in unexplored sedimentary basins. A lot had happened, and technology was improved during that time, but still, gas geochemistry is

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New onshore data and analysis in Brazil Geodatabase

With a commitment to always delivering the most relevant and accurate data and analysis on Brazilian E&P, we would like to reinforce that the Brazil Geodatabase is not just an offshore tool. It also features the most comprehensive onshore library on the market, covering the high-potential Amazonas, Parnaíba, Paraná, Recôncavo and

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Delving deeper into High-Resolution Geochemistry While Drilling (HRGWD)

In this article, we take a deeper dive into High-Resolution Geochemistry While Drilling (HRGWD), a revolutionary new technology offered by Optimum that aims to detect, collect and analyze potential oils, condensates and gases from reservoir sections drilled by wells in a timely manner using organic extraction (Soxhlet) of plugs, cuttings and/or core reservoir

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HRGWD: The insights you need when it really counts

HRGWD is an innovative process and workflow that allows for the detection, collection and quick analysis and interpretation of potential oils, condensates and gases from drilled reservoir sections using organic extraction (Soxhlet) of plugs, cuttings and/or core reservoir samples. And with the correct logistics, operations managers will have previously unimagined insights

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The BPS Geodatabase in 2021

The BPS Geodatabase is hands down the most comprehensive and dynamic knowledge building tool for Brazilian petroliferous basins on the market. It is chalk-full of data and interpretation on all elements and processes related to the Petroleum Systems Approach, providing oil explorers and producers with an unmatched advantage in their E&P

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IMAGE ’21 Roundup

BPS President Marcio Rocha Mello, together with Pinar Yilmaz, chaired the Brazil Panel Session: Exploration in the Santos Basin. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped make it a successful afternoon, but especially Rodolfo Henrique Saboia, General Director of ANP, whose presentation was a big hit at the conference. ANP

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The global lab infrastructure you know. The local knowledge you need.

We are excited to announce that Stratum Reservoir and BPS have joined forces to launch of an entirely new concept in E&P services. It’s Optimum! Your new one-stop-shop for state-of-the-art E&P&E labratory and knowledge services. Introducing KaaS (Knowledge as a Service). Optimum offers integration of state-of-the-art E&P petrophysical & geochemical laboratory services with the most

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Reservoir Continuity: Turning oil into wine

Let’s suppose that you and your company have done a magnificent job, gotten a bit lucky, and discovered a new field in onshore or offshore Brazil. After five wells, it is likely that the discovery is commercial. You are very excited, and after massive celebrations featuring a few too many

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Putting the Environment First

Environmental activism related to the petroleum industry in Brazil is consistently growing stronger, making it more important than ever to operate in harmony with the environment and society. Contrary to what some might think, Brazil has stringent and prescriptive regulation for sectors with the potential to generate adverse impacts on the environment. Brazilian environmental law can

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