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Putting the Environment First

Environmental activism related to the petroleum industry in Brazil is consistently growing stronger, making it more important than ever to operate in harmony with the environment and society. Contrary to what some might think, Brazil has stringent and prescriptive regulation for sectors with the potential to generate adverse impacts on the environment. Brazilian environmental law can

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Satellite Oil Slick Identification as a Fundamental Tool to Lower Exploration Risk in the Unexplored Outboard Areas of Offshore Brazil

Natural oil seeps and seepage slicks have historically provided invaluable information to oil explorers in frontier deep and ultra-deep-water areas for the assessment of leased and/or open acreage exploration areas. Foremost, they are considered a direct hydrocarbon indicator for the presence of active petroleum systems in areas that have not

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The Future of Exploration in Brazil Lies in the Permanent Offer

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global petroleum industry has changed dramatically. Although things have started to stabilize, one of the biggest shocks to the industry was obviously last year’s huge oil price crash, which forever changed oil companies, service providers and even government agencies. With this in

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ON SALE NOW: Buy our 2D PSM and Exploration Risk Assessment of the Para-Maranhão Basin and get the Barreirinhas Basin for free. And we’ll even throw in our oil slick and piston core reports!

The 2D petroleum system basin modeling and exploration risk assessment of Pará-Maranhão basin in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, which will be on offer in the upcoming 17th Bidding Round, allowed the reconstruction and characterization of three active petroleum systems present in the area. The integration of its elements and processes

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Santos Basin: It’s out there, get ready

With all the success in the inboard “Picanha” area of the Santos Basin over the last 15 years or so, the search for other supergiant oil fields in the outboard is already underway. In fact, ANP’s upcoming 17th Bidding Round (October 7) will feature three outboard sectors (SS-AUP5, SS-AP4 and

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The Santos Basin still has a lot in store

Production in the giant pre-salt province of the Santos Basin only started with the Tupi field about 10 years ago. In the years since, it has grown into one of the most prolific basins in the world, delivering almost 2.3 million boe/d in December 2020 (around 1.8 million bpd of

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