The clock is ticking… on the Permament Offer

The 2nd cycle of ANP‘s Permanent Offer is just around the corner. On December 4, as many as 62 companies of all profiles are signed up to bid (full list). Despite the adverse scenario from covid-19 and the oil price shock earlier this year, there are many players that see this as a great opportunity to renew their portfolios, get a foot in the door in Brazil, or even make a massive find. As such, we expect relatively strong competition across the board this cycle.

As you saw in our rankings of the offshore and onshore blocks on offer next month (as well as those in the 17th Bidding Round next year), there are great opportunities on the auction block for players of all profiles. There is no doubt that time is short, but it’s not too late. BPS has in-depth studies and analysis ready to go for all the areas on offer. Whether you want to go exploring offshore or play it safe onshore, just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us. We have all the data and analysis ready to go to make sure your team’s assumptions are on point before bidding begins.

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