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We are excited to announce that Stratum Reservoir and BPS have joined forces to launch of an entirely new concept in E&P services. It’s Optimum! Your new one-stop-shop for state-of-the-art E&P&E labratory and knowledge services.

Introducing KaaS (Knowledge as a Service). Optimum offers integration of state-of-the-art E&P petrophysical & geochemical laboratory services with the most comprehensive data interpretation on the market, with all results correlated with (and even delivered in) our state-of-the-art geodatabase, taking your results far beyond the data. And don’t forget our market leading consulting services, multi-client studies and cutting-edge E&P&E (that last E is for environmental!) technologies. 

  • State-of-the-art petrophysical & geochemical laboratory infrastructure in accordance with international standards 
  • Latin America’s leaders in petrophysics, reservoir geology, geochemistry and petroleum system basin modeling  
  • Most comprehensive E&P database of Brazilian basins on the planet
  • Most extensive suite of E&P&E services in Brazil
  • Planning operations in accordance with ANP regulations and IBAMA requirements

Stay tuned!

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