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Ceará-Potiguar Special Report

ANP’s 2023 Exploration & Production RoundsRanking Brazilian Sedimentary Basins: It’s out there. Get ready using the BPS Geodatabase! In this special report, we will analyze the deepwater blocks situated within the Ceará and Potiguar Basins, both located in the Equatorial Margin. Figure 1 depicts a BPS Geodatabase map of the Brazilian

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Petroleum System Modeling Applied to Offshore Namibia

Petroleum Systems Modeling (PSM) has developed from a niche technology in oil and gas exploration to a widely used application within little more than a decade. Today, almost all exploration projects worldwide must have the “PSM box checked” prior to any further decisions being taken. Why is this so? Figure 1: Schematic elements of a petroleum system. Enter PSM:

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Namibia: The Oil Systems in Walvis, Luderitz and Orange Basins

The hydrocarbon exploration history in the Namibian offshore Basins started in the late 1960s, culminating with the discovery, in 1973, of a dry gas by the Kudu 9A-1 well, in Barremian eolian sandstones (Kudu Field; Fig. 1). Up to 2012, 16 shallow-water exploration wells have been drilled offshore Namibia, including

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Namibia, the largest oil province in west Africa

In 2013, HRT Petroleum exploration drilled the first-ever deep-water wells in the offshore Walvis (Wingat-1 and Murombe-1 well) and Orange Basins (Moosehead-1 Well; Fig. 1), in Namibia. WALVIS BASIN (WINGAT-1 and MUROMBE-1 Wells) The Wingat-1 was drilled first with the main objective of an Albian-age prograding carbonate platform structure and

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Paraná Basin: Solving The Puzzles With Gas Geochemistry

Over the last 20 years, oil companies started to proclaim gas geochemistry technology in petroleum exploration as miraculous indicators of the presence of large hydrocarbon accumulations in deeper reservoir horizons in unexplored sedimentary basins. A lot had happened, and technology was improved during that time, but still, gas geochemistry is

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New onshore data and analysis in Brazil Geodatabase

With a commitment to always delivering the most relevant and accurate data and analysis on Brazilian E&P, we would like to reinforce that the Brazil Geodatabase is not just an offshore tool. It also features the most comprehensive onshore library on the market, covering the high-potential Amazonas, Parnaíba, Paraná, Recôncavo and

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Namibia Oil and Gas Potential: A Sleeping Giant Is Waking Up

Since our last edition of the BPS newsletter, Crazy is as crazy does, Part 1, new information has started pouring in on Shell’s recent Graff-1 discovery, indicating that find is indeed a huge game changer for the West Africa petroleum industry (Fig. 1). Over the last two weeks, several articles were

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Shell makes promising discovery in Namibia

Reuters reported earlier this week that Shell has made a significant oil and gas discovery at a closely-watched offshore well in Namibia that could spark a wave of investment in the southern African country. According to the article, the oil major has identified at least two reservoirs containing what one

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