Month: March 2020

ANP launches study on the use of natural gas from pre-salt

Last week, ANP launched a study on the use of natural gas from the pre-salt. The publication focuses on increasing the commercialization and participation of natural gas from the pre-salt in the country’s energy matrix. The study is available in Portuguese here. Coordinated by ANP, the study was developed by the

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Permanent Offer: ANP evaluating fields with marginal accumulations

ANP is evaluating fields with marginal accumulations to be included in the Permanent Offer regime. The objective is to develop an inventory and evaluate the conditions of the wells and other existing structures. The first inspections were in onshore fields Barra do Ipiranga, Jacupemba, Mariricu Oeste, Nativo Oeste, Rio Barra

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José Gutman named director-general of ANP

In a twist, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) announced this Saturday (28) that the appointment of Cesário Cecchi as director-general of ANP has no legal basis and that José Gutman must take over the position. The MME officialized the opinion of the attorney of the Union, Márcia Labanca,

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2020: The year ahead for the Brazil Geodatabase

BPS already has the largest knowledge-driven Geodatabase of Brazilian basins on the planet, and we plan to double its size over the next twelve months. We are currently working on processing 32 new oils in our laboratories around the globe, as well as a dozen new products, technical notes and studies

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Message from BPS President

It seems like the perfect storm. We all know the challenges that have hit the world and our industry so dramatically over recent months. And the impacts are greater than anyone could have imagined, probably generating lasting effects for months, or even years to come. But right now, the important

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Petrobras goes ultra-deep in the Northeast

Petrobras started a long-term test in the Farfan area, located approximately 70 kilometers from the coast of Sergipe. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the production behavior of the reservoir and the characteristics of its oil. The information collected will support the next steps of the Sergipe Deep-Water

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