Month: August 2021

The global lab infrastructure you know. The local knowledge you need.

We are excited to announce that Stratum Reservoir and BPS have joined forces to launch of an entirely new concept in E&P services. It’s Optimum! Your new one-stop-shop for state-of-the-art E&P&E labratory and knowledge services. Introducing KaaS (Knowledge as a Service). Optimum offers integration of state-of-the-art E&P petrophysical & geochemical laboratory services with the most

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Integrated Wellbore Analysis – Well 4-BRSA-1047-RJS

Petrophysical and PVT analyses, integrated with logging and formation test analyses, are key to providing essential input for reservoir characterization, dynamic flow simulation and reservoir management. The BPS Geodatabase includes a comprehensive collection of reservoir data that are applied to: Rock properties such as permeability, porosity, capillary pressure, relative permeabilities,

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