Month: May 2020

A Petroleum Scientist’s Best Friend Vol. II: CSIA-B

We continue to present powerful new advanced geochemical techniques in our “A Petroleum Scientist’s Best Friend” series. In Vol. I, we depicted Quantitative Diamondoid Analysis (QDA), which has revolutionized the ability to estimate oil cracking and identify complex oils derived from multiple sources charged from different depo-pods. Application of this method

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Diamondoids: A Petroleum Scientist’s Best Friend Vol I

This week, we are showcasing a slightly older technology we developed and continue to perfect: Quantitative Diamondoid Analysis (QDA). First described in Dahl et al. (1999), this method revolutionized the ability to estimate oil cracking and identify oils derived from more than one source. Diamondoids are basically molecular-sized diamonds. A

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Advanced Geochemistry Technology Explained

Over the past five years, a revolution in petroleum system geochemistry has taken place. New Advanced Geochemical Technology (AGT) has been developed in the laboratories of Biomarker Technologies, a partner of Brazil Petroleum Studies (BPS). AGT allows for better predictions of source-rock presence, origin, distribution and generation characteristics. These new analytical methods include quantitative diamondoid analyses

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